Car 01 – Car No 1


Sheer strength, brute force and a knack for crossing terrain that was previously thought unpassable on foot, let alone in a 300 pound machine. This is one way to encapsulate what the Rhino Charge car number One is about.
Now entering their 14th year at The Charge, this Range Rover come Mercedes Unimog come Mitsubishi Canter entered by Eddy Verbeek and team is ready for a big year. Car Number One has had a makeover and egged on by its 2018 position of 6th place overall, we are expecting to see big things in 2019.

Sadly, last year Car number one lost one of their key team members Don White, to Clerk of the Rhino Charge Course but we know they are looking forward to seeing the challenges that Don has in store for them this year…

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