Car 02 – KTM Cruisers

In the name of conservation, blood, sweat, oil and all things synonymous with off-road driving, car number 2 aka the KTM Cruisers is one of the teams that are always ready for action. Guts, glory, bravery and throwing the vehicle sideways in tight corners, coming out unscathed are glorious feats associated with veteran rally driver Ian Duncan.

The KTM cruisers prove to consistently put on a show for the spectators, often choosing to use paths and routes other teams steer clear of. The car they use is a modified Toyota Landcruiser. A fine specimen of Japanese motoring. With big bulging wheels, a roll cage, and a coat of bright KTM orange.

The KTM cruisers are here to put on a show, whilst maintaining adverse environmental impact, conserving Kenya’s water towers for a brighter future for mountain ecosystems.

In 2007 the KTM Cruisers where the Rhino Charge champions and since they they have appeared in and out of the top 5. We are looking forward to seeing what they have to offer this year!

Team Members