Car 06 – Ole Choda

Team Ole Choda’s foray into the Rhino Charge begun in 1989 when we went to the first charge as spectators, curious about this off road event -though we never thought that we would really be a part of it.

Our car, NO. 6 to date after the JONGA is a Toyota land cruiser VX -fully modified with a Volvo undercarriage.

The beauty of this event is never knowing what to expect. Even whilst the grapevine, ever alive is throwing speculation about the venue and teams meet to discuss terrain and tactics we have, from the past learnt that we will only know what to do when we are actually in the charge!

The Rhino Charge is one tough event. Yet we revel in the excitement of not knowing what lies ahead of us. It is about team spirit and understanding not to mention trusting each member of your team. A bond is forged amongst you when you are out there. You work on pure adrenalin and instinct and you take the good along with the bad together, as one.

Team Members