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While most women prefer red roses and romantic gestures on Valentines day, this February a whole new breed of women chose to take charge and go WILD at the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort instead. The event, {THE WILD CHARGE!}, guaranteed to get the ladies out of their high heels and dresses and into their trainers and cargo pants, this event brought out the spirit, strength, will and very often the sheer determination to succeed without taking no for an answer from our fair maidens.

Held around Valenties Day in what can only be described as magni cent settings in the heart of Naivasha, the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort provided the backdrop for fun, adventure and some very talented driving! The wild charge, the brainchild of Manee Choda is an event similar to the popularized Rhino Charge but for the Ladies only. This event is for and all about the Women!

Thirteen teams made up of five to six members per team competed for the coveted title during this weekend.

Charging through bush, wading through streams & maneuvering vehicles through tricky courses the women proved they were a real match to their men when it came to driving. Their passion, sense of adventure, ability to take calculated risks and sheer talent was simply contagious! The event took an International hue and drew women from afar as San Diego, Mexico and the UK to compete with our exceptionally talented Kenyan Ladies.

This event was a combination of Rhino Charge, Rally Raid and Quattro Charge style sections. The competitors needed to have good driving skills, knowledge of how to use a GPS and how to read tulip diagrams.

The Wild Charge proved yet again that women have come a long way. This event garnered both young and old and pushed them to their limits testing their endurance, challenging their skill set and ability to work together as a team in the most precarious circumstances – and they all came out on top, winners every single one of them, wild to the core, ready to charge! Men, you better watch out!

Contact: Wild Charge Email: wild@wildcharge.org
Phone: +254 723 800 044
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olechodaWildCharge