Car 18 – Bundu Bandits

Bundu Bandits will be taking part in the 2020 Rhino Charge with the aim of beating their previous fund raising amounts and improving on their best finish.

The Bundu Bandits most memorable moment was when they had rolled the car during their first Rhino Charge in Marsabit 2017. They were running their trusty 200tdi Land Rover Defender at the time.

The car was equipped with hydraulic winches, which were slow but reliable however only worked when the car was running. Recovering the car with a manual winch was a challenge and they had to come up with some clever solutions. Using a snatch block and a bunch of tow ropes they created a pulley system which allowed them to leverage the car and flip it back on all 4. Once the car was back on all 4 wheels they realised there was an airlock in the diesel system. They used some ingenious bush mechanics using a jerry can and some vacuum piping. Feeding the engine diesel directly from the jerry can with limited lengths of vacuum pipe required a “high skilled runner” to hang onto the side of the car holding the jerry can while we drove over massive boulders. It is amazing what a team can do when under pressure.

Team Members