Car 58 – Dirty Girty

Car 58 will be a 1979 40 series land cruiser – named Gertrude, or ‘Dirty Girty’

As NEW ENTRANTS the team is looking forward to having the opportunity to be somewhere truly wild and do something that’s more than a little bit crazy. 

Noelle Herzog was born and raised in California – she was the quintessential city girl; Gucci loving, high heel wearing, red convertible driving and all! She first came to Tanzania in 2007 on a field study as part of her anthropology degree and immediately fell in love with Africa. Noelle has never actually been to a Rhino Charge – not even as a spectator – never mind competing in one! We’re not sure if she really grasps the true scale of what she’s in for…! 

Our driver, Mhairi Tatton, has grown up going to the Charge, attending her very first Charge before she was even a year old! Her mother has a picture of her sitting in a bucket of water to keep cool while watching the cars to go by… somewhere! She grew up watching legends like Lynda Hughes compete and it has left her dying to have a go herself, because, while she’s attended the charge umpteen times, she’s never been in a team! She’s been quietly waiting for the right opportunity (and car!) to arise – it seems 2020 is her year!

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