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Rhino Charge Tickets

From 2015 onwards, anyone who wants to come to the Rhino Charge has to purchase a ticket. This has become necessary due to the growing popularity of the event which has put the host communities and their land under increasing environmental pressure. By introducing a ticketing system, the organisers aim to make the Spectator Camp more attractive to responsible spectators by improving the spectators’ experience, their comfort and security as well as improve the administration of the event. The new measures have also been put in place to ensure the environmental friendliness and sustainability of the event.

Please do NOT attempt to come to the venue if you have not purchased the said items in advance, as you will not be granted access to the venue. 
Strictly no exceptions!

The Rhino Charge Ticketing Portal will open in August 2020 please keep an eye on our social channels for the announcement.

Rhino Charge FAQs

About the Rhino Charge

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Access to the Rhino Charge

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Spectator Camping at the Rhino Charge

These are just being finalised and full details will be released when we open the Ticketing Portal later in March

The tendering process for the Rhino Charge is closed. To be added to the list for consideration as a camp operator in future events interested companies must express their interest to the Rhino Charge Committee via email:

More information will then be sent to you via e-mail. Please note that the tender will be sent out newly each year, therefore camp operators can apply to become accredited camp operators each year.

Camping is only allowed in the areas designated to the accredited camp operator whom you have booked your camping spot through. You may not camp outside these designated areas. Should you be caught camping in any other place this can result in immediate removal from the venue. These measures have been put into place for your safety and to reduce the environmental pressure put on to the Rhino Charge venue and the host community.

These are just being finalised and full details will be released when we open the Ticketing Portal later in March

Yes. You will not be allowed to enter the Rhino Charge venue if you have not booked your accommodation through the ticketing portal with one of the accredited camp operators.

Yes, private camping gear is allowed and self-camping options are available where spectators can bring their own gear and equipment. Please note that a self-camping option must also be purchased through the Rhino Charge ticketing system. You will not be allowed to camp at the Rhino Charge if you have not booked your camping spot through an accredited camp operator.

Yes. As you have booked your accommodation through an accredited camp operator you will be provided with both toilet and shower facilities. For more details, please check with the camp operator of your choice.

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