Raffle results

Below are the Rhino Charge Raffle results for 2018.

The 2019 Rhino Charge Raffle will be drawn at 7pm on 31st May 2019.

 DonorPrizeCar NoTicket No
Angama Mara
Toolcrafts Ltd
Teresa Sapieha
Location Africa Films Ltd
2 return tickets to the Maasai Mara
2 nights for 2 people sharing FB
Bushnell Binoculars
Binocular straps
Postcards from the Mara Triangle
20Ticket No: 1241327
2AirKenya Express
Leopard Beach Resort & Spa Ali Barbour’s Cave
2 return tickets to Diani 2 nights for 2 HB
Dinner for 2 at Ali Barbour’s Cave
5Ticket No: 1271524 Seaboard Overseas Ltd
3Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp Location Africa Films Ltd2 nights for 2 at Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp Postcards from the Mara Triangle5Ticket No: 1268530 First Chartered
4Helicopter Charter EA Ltd30 minute scenic helicopter ride29Ticket No: 1272760 S Bird
5Greenhill Farm Barn, Cotswolds The Straw Kitchen
the Cotswold distillery
Wykham Arms in Sibford Gower
2 nights for 2 BB a voucher
A Distillery tour for two and a shop discount voucher a meal voucher
44Ticket No: 1296325 CRBC
6Kenyaways Beach Hotel H2O Extreme Surf and Kite Centre
Forty Thieves
2 nights for 2 BB
5 hours private kite surfing course A meal for 4
5Ticket No: 1284577 Hybrid
7Lime Catering Lions Bluff Lodge Little RedDinner for 4 cooked in the comfort of your own home
1 night for 2 FB A voucher
29Ticket No: 1251443 Mandip
8Colin & Nicole Church3 nights for up to 8 at Chingwede House Msambweni52Ticket No: 1240375 Tile & Carpet
9Elewana Collection2 nights for 2 at Elsa’s Kopje FB5Ticket No: 1269481 Gurain Enterprise
10Mara Engai Lodge2 nights for 2 FB with two shared game drives27Ticket No: 1298214 GA
11Naibor2 nights for 212Ticket No: 1289088
12Heritage Hotel2 nights for 2 at Samburu Intrepids FB44Ticket No: 1263384 KCB
13Sanctuary Retreats2 nights for 2 at Sanctuary Olonana17Ticket No: 1296654 Leakey
14Sarova Hotels2 nights for 2 at Sarova Shaba Game Lodge21Ticket No: 1276204 Palbina
15Sarova Hotels2 nights for 2 at Sarova Lion hill Game Lodge5Ticket No: 1268158 Nutcraker Ltd
16Saruni2 nights for 2 at Saruni Samburu44Ticket No: 1296145 CRBC
17Satao Elerai Camp2 night for 2 FB7Ticket No: 1275155 Jules D
18Simba Lodges2 nights for 2 FB5Ticket No: 1284799 EML
19Ol Pejeta Bush Camp2 nights for 2 FB self-drive3Ticket No: 1267574 Crown Paint
20Kicheche Laikipia Camp2 nights for 2 self drive30Ticket No: 1279070
21Driftwood Club2 nights for 2 B&B1Ticket No: 1281528
22Grogans Castle1 night for 2 FB44Ticket No: 1264028 Sandridge Properties Ltd
23Phoenix safaris1 night for 2 at Mara Siria Camp FB23Ticket No: 1318384
24Ragati ConservancyFamily trip for 4 (2 days fishing and 1 nights at Ndongoro)44Ticket No: 1294736 Bliss Dundia
25Rob’s Magic4 Rob’s Magic Telescopic Shock absorbers for a 4 x 423Ticket No: 1319101
26Tamarind DhowA dinner for 2 on the Dhow in Mombasa49Ticket No: 1261676 Schreurs
27The Sands Chale Island1 night for 22Ticket No: 1252373 KTM
28Autoseal Toolcrafts LtdA voucher for a hamper of car accessories Stanley Toolbox23Ticket No: 1315188
29Diani Blue
Azhari’ Beach Suite, Diani Diving the crab
1 night for 2 B&B
1 night for 2
1 boat ride including 2 dives
25Ticket No: 1308078
30Fazal The Luxury Boutique Serenity SpaA Gift Voucher
a holistic massage
36Ticket No: 1297761 Airwheel
31Leisure Lodge Resort Piri Piries2 nights for 2 HB Lunch or Dinner for 244Ticket No: 1266967 Mehta Electricals Ltd
Alpine Adventures
2 x nights for two FB at Treetops zip lining for 2 pax at ‘The forest’23Ticket No: 1304343
33Serena Hotels
The Painted Dog Nanyuki
1 night for 2 at Serena Sweetwaters Tented Camp a meal voucher23Ticket No: 1302503
34Helen & Ross1 Week self catered accommodation (sleeps 6) in an apartment in St Francis RSA40Ticket No: 1274446 Francombe
35Kulalu Camp2 Nights for 2 at Kulalu Camp49Ticket No: 1261504 New resh electrical
36Ras Kikadini Beach House2 nights in a 3 bed guest house5Ticket No: 1272674 Hybrid
37Rhino Ark2 nights for 6 at Rhino Retreat, Aberdares16Ticket No: 1261410
38The Sands at Nomad1 night for 244Ticket No: 1267106
Univeral Engineering Systems Ltd
39Tony & Susie Church2 nights at Samawati House Msambweni for up to 822Ticket No: 1308989
Car 22
40Wangai Kimeria2 nights for up to 6 at Rangi Saba59Ticket No: 1244303 Richard Baudry
41Lantana2 night for 4 in a 2 bedroom apartment B&B23Ticket No: 1316394
42Ngobit River Lodge2 nights for up to 18 SC37Ticket No: 1287187 John Kanyali
43Bulloch House2 nights for free at the Bulloch House in Kilifi SC35Ticket No: 1237610 Hog Charge Team 167
44Kenya Wildlife Service2 nights up to 8 in the Fishing Lodge SC39Ticket No: 1287712 Majanja Luseno and Co
45Chloride ExideA N70 Chloride Exide Powerlast maintenance free battery23Ticket No: 1315616
46Chloride ExideA N70 Chloride Exide Powerlast maintenance free battery23Ticket No: 1318715
47EA Security Options (Xpanda)A voucher towards a DIY Safety Door35Ticket No: 1238311
The Hog Charge Team 190
48EA Security Options (Xpanda)A voucher towards a DIY Safety Door18Ticket No: 1248282 Alykhan Fazal
49Fazal The Luxury BoutiqueA Gift Voucher61Ticket No: 1250062 Palvi Shah
50Fazal The Luxury BoutiqueA Gift Voucher38Ticket No: 1280607 AFEW
51Fazal The Luxury BoutiqueA Gift Voucher63Ticket No: 1282749
52Fuji Filma FujiFilm X10 digital camera9Ticket No: 1256436
53Gamewatchers Safaris1 night for 2 at any Porini camp5Ticket No: 1270166 Dandros
54Glen Edmunds Performance Driving Schoola place on the 2 day Defensive Driver Training44Ticket No: 1262317 AMS
55Glen Edmunds Performance Driving Schoola place on the 3 day Security Driver Training23Ticket No: 1301642
56Peter Blackwell Wildlife Arta print2Ticket No: 1252089 J Luyo
57SAJJ Automobiles LtdHighlift Jack Assy23Ticket No: 1318683
58Sandstorm KenyaA voucher63Ticket No: 1282801
59Savage WildernessA 1 day White Water Rafting35Ticket No: 1239412 Heruan
60Severin Sea LodgeDinner for 2 at Imani Dhow Restaurant23Ticket No: 1310812
61White Elephant Trading Co. LtdFurniture item3Ticket No: 1246960 Satinder Helda
62Cape Chestnut Simply Sandara Mount Kenya TrustTapas for 4 with a bottle of wine A voucher
A voucher for a crate of trees
6Ticket No: 1259466 Hardic Shah
63Tamambo Serenity Spalunch for 2 at Tamambo a holistic massage35Ticket No: 1237572 Hog Charge Team 179
64The River Café Kenya Serenity SpaLunch for 2
a back massage
44Ticket No: 1294900 Bliss
65Toolcrafts Ltd
Copypoint Ltd
2 camp chairs
Car hand held vacuum 12 v.
1 set Automobile emergency power bank
20Ticket No: 1241842 Chirag Shah
66Trademark Hotel Ultra Fitness Gym Serenity Spa1 night for 2 B&B
1 month gym membership A scrub and massage
5Ticket No: 1283494 Peter Arts
67Tribe Hotel Serenity Spaa Brunch Voucher for 2 A scrub and massage63Ticket No: 1323045
68Vanguard Powersol Ltda D-Link internet Cloud Router an Eaton 2KVA UPS23Ticket No: 1316348
69Serenity Spaa back massage
a wash and blow drys
44Ticket No: 1264107 Sandridge Properties Ltd
70Silole Sanctuary Farmers Choice1 night for up to 6 at Silole cottage a voucher64Ticket No: 1292207 Peter Bonde Neilson
71Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Pure Mountain Farm Oil Delia’s Icecreama voucher
a carton of mixed Pure Mountain Oil a hamper
44Ticket No: 1264965 Surge Energy Ltd
72Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Pure Mountain Farm Oil Kenya Sweets Ltd
Raka Milk Processors Ltd
a voucher
a carton of mixed Pure Mountain Oil A gift hamper
A Raka Cheese Hamper
5Ticket No: 1284269 Hardip Sura
73Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Pure Mountain Farm Oil Kenya Sweets Ltd
Need Gelato
a voucher
a carton of mixed Pure Mountain Oil A gift hamper
1 litre tub of gelato of the person’s choice
23Ticket No: 1299887
74Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Raka Milk Processors Ltd Need Gelato
Kenya Sweets Ltd
a voucher
A Raka Cheese Hamper
1 litre tub of gelato of the person’s choice A gift hamper
22Ticket No: 1309102
Car 22
75Le Decanter Johari Glassa bottle of wine
6 sandblasted recycled glasses
5Ticket No: 1269159 Jane Billet
76Maji Moto Eco Camp Location Africa Films Ltd1 night for 2 at Maji Moto Eco Camp, Loita hills Postcards from the Mara Triangle57Ticket No: 1242185 Fred Black Insurance
77Rhino Ark Teresa Sapieha
Eric Kihiu
A goodie bag with Rhino Charge merchandise 6 Engraved “Wildlife”Wineglasses
LED net light
a Wind-up torch
A framed picture from Southwestern Mau Ecosystem
63Ticket No: 1322720
78Serenity Spa
Teresa Sapieha
a back massage
a wash and blow drys a Silk scarf
20Ticket No: 1241434
79Asmaraa meal for 2 at any of the asmara restaurants48Ticket No: 1319868 Elgon
80Carnivore – The Tamarind Groupdinner for 2 at the Carnivore5Ticket No: 1272714 Bro Goods
81Hardi Kenyaone knapsack sprayer8Ticket No: 1243527 Burhani Express
82Slater & WhittakerA Voucher44Ticket No: 1294930 Express Auto
83Sokomoto ImagesA set of 10 Wildlife of East Africa prints56Ticket No: 1252835 Vishal Shah
84Toolcrafts LtdStomer Grinder 9”29Ticket No: 1272788 S Bird
85Toolcrafts LtdBort Drill machine23Ticket No: 1304226
86Vitu-ZoteA voucher23Ticket No: 1310881
87Browns Cheese
Deck Distributors Ltd
A hamper
A wine hamper
12Ticket No: 1288674
88PerfectPicsA Canvas48Ticket No: 1319917 Timaflor
89PerfectPicsA photo book of the rhino charge (customised for a team if required)54Ticket No: 1273528
Kabuki 8
90The Coffee Shack The Coffee ShackLunch for 2
Drinks for 2
1Ticket No: 1281317
91Fahari Palace
Finesse Health & Beauty Clinic Ultra Fitness Gym
1 night for 2 B&B
a Manicure/Pedicure
1 month gym membership
5Ticket No: 1284376 Hybrid
92Angy’s enterprise
Finesse Health & Beauty Clinic
Suede sling bag
a Manicure/Pedicure a Massage
23Ticket No: 1317656
93Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Pure Mountain Farm Oil Location Africa Films Ltda voucher
a carton of mixed Pure Mountain Oil a Safari Cuisine Book
23Ticket No: 1306969
94Gourmet Meat Products Ltd Pure Mountain Farm Oil Location Africa Films Ltda voucher
a carton of mixed Pure Mountain Oil a Safari Cuisine Book
23Ticket No: 1314476
Kenya Sweets Ltd Location Africa Films Ltd
A voucher of chicken products A gift hamper
a Safari Cuisine Book
44Ticket No: 1295837 White Lotus P Ltd
96Matbronze Wildlife Art Bookstop Ltd
Mia Kora
Bronze Photo frame Historical Postcards – Kenya A silk scarf44Ticket No: 1262980 AMS
97Petpal2 17kg bags of Wagg Complete Worker dog food44Ticket No: 1266736 RSM Easter Africa
98Slater & Whittaker Team 56A Voucher
A gift voucher
21Ticket No: 1276003 Modern Ways
99Teresa Sapieha The Coffee Shacka Silk scarf Breakfast for 2
Drinks for 2
11Ticket No: 1250728 Chet
100Teresa Sapieha6 Engraved “Wildlife” Beer mugs3Ticket No: 1267644 S S Meht