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What do you mean the Air Con isn't working?
Jambo and welcome to Rhino Charge Team 51 – the home of the DeRanged Rover. A long long time ago, in a faraway place (that was only revealed a few sleeps beforehand) a cunning plan was hatched by two inebriated lawyers and a booze salesman … The plan … to enter that most awesome and testing of off-road events known to man, beast and machine … the Rhino Charge (cue lion roar and much chest thumping!) To cut a long story short, here we are a full 10 years on and having accumulated along the way: one beat up range rover (acquired in part through the unknown siphoning of an engagement ring fund); a set of very rusty unimog axles (rescued from a farm in Northern Scotland), various bits of rubber, metal, grease, fabric, LOTS of Duct Tape and an (un?)healthy amount of blood, sweat and tears – about to embark on the 2016 Rhino Charge! Of course, we’ve broken and lost a lot of parts along the way (and a few team members – rumour abounds of a certain semi-naked indian man last seeing hanging from some wait-a-bit in Namunyak)  … but every year we’ve come back stronger, fitter(?) and with a little more equipment to break!  Check out our facebook page for the full story!
So who are the DeRanged Rovers? This year the team comprises of: (1) Dominic “Mowgli” Rebelo: Driver, mechanic, technician, master car designer and general daredevil (2) Chiraag “Skippy” Shah: (Bad) Navigator, ground anchor, ebay pro and tourist (3) James “Marmalade” Morgan: Runner, El Capitan – lock up your daughters! (4) Raaji “pole pole” Bharij: Runner, Rally Driver and Indian Jones impersonator (we’re tired of running out of time at the end of the day) (5) Andres “pedal to the metal” Perez: Runner and biker extraordinaire (6) Sam “chap chap” Chappatte: Runner. rock climber and bird seed aficionado – check out his Pic! With the stellar support of Amar “Mauzy” Vidyarthi who is taking a break to get his breath back after last year. With special mention and THANKS to the Sponsors and Supporters – WAGS, Family members and friends without whose support (and patience) we would not be able to participate year after year!  
Deranged Rover Car 51