Rhino Charge 2022 Competitors

The teams for the 2022 Rhino Charge are listed below as entries are taken up the list is populated. Once entries are closed the teams will be assigned team numbers for the 2022 event.

By clicking on the team details you will get to the individual team page where you can get more information on the competing team, their members, their sponsors and much more.

Team LeaderTeam NameTeam Page
Eddy VerbeekCar No 1>>
Ian DuncanKTM Cruisers>>
Gurmeet MehtaHatarious Chargers>>
Graham MckittrickTeam 5>>
Manee ChodaOle Choda>>
Michael/Jonathan Kontos/SomenKing 21>>
Peter KinyuaCar 23 - Peter Kinyua>>
Mark TilburyHog Charge Team>>
Sean/Patrick/Kieran AveryBundufundi>>
Jaspal Singh HarbhajanTeam 39>>
Anthony HavelockTeam 42>>
Adil KhawajaAK 44>>
Mark GlenTeam 48 Glen>>
Dominic RebeloDeranged Rovers>>
Hemal PindoliaRhin'O'Serious>>
Jonathan JacksonLordship Africa>>
Stanley KinyanjuiMagnate Chargers>>
Tim CarstensAussie Rules>>
Peter Bonde NielsenTeam 64>>