Car 19 – Bushbabes

The BushBabes want to repeat last year’s success and win the Coupe des Dames as well as the Unmodified class. They missed the final guard post by only 30 seconds last year, completing all guard posts is definitely a goal in 2020. But above all, they want to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the important cause of Rhino Ark and conservation in Kenya overall.

Their most challenging but at the same time with the top result was the Rhino Charge in Ilengwesi. They hit a beehive and millions of bees came storming out. It took a while to clear the car which was infested with bees (the whole windscreen was black!) by smoking them out. Despite being under attack literally first thing in the morning on the way to our first check point, they managed to continue, and come 8th overall.

Team Members