Car 35 – Hog Charge Team


The Hog Charge team with their burly, unmodified Land Cruiser FJ43, side mounted tires and a small ladder are a team that consistently shows the spirit of the Rhino charge.

The car is a master piece of off-roading capability, with smooth grooves and cuts on the stock Land Cruiser body. The team members have prepped the car up by adding the very necessary winch, bulbar, wire mesh and proficient off-road tires.

The Hog Charge Team are also behind the incredible Hog Charge cycling event that has been held for the last 21 years. This year they managed to raise KES 5,013,184  which is a new record! They had over 151 teams participating making it a hugely successful day. We hope the participants of the Hog Charge become the future participants of the Rhino Charge.

It sure is amazing to have all of this off-roading action, in the name of conservation!

Team Members