Car 15 – Kifaru Kwanza

Kifaru Kwanza or Rhino’s First will be competing in a Range Rover Short Wheel Base with the aim of winning the Un-Modified Class.

In 2016, Kifaru Kwanza were called the suicide team for trying to go over a rather large hill with a cliff on the other side, 6 hours later, limited water, and returning to where they started. Complete team camaraderie with a hill that shall forever be known as that F’ing Hill.

In 2017, Marsabit, when being awarded the “Garmin” or “WTFAY” Award, after leaving Hardy for a long (extremely long) run around the outside of the venue, not only did they go through patches of dust where they could not see where they were going but ended up arriving at their second gauntlet check point (they had checked in at the first gauntlet checkpoint several hours and KM earlier). They were told they could complete it and went screaming up the hill to KWS, passing Car 57 who were winching their way up the hill. Just before they relaxed, they went back down to tow Car 57 up the hill, with Car 57 winning the Gauntlet!

Team Members