Car 21 – King 21

Our first charge was in 2003 and it took us 15 years to finally get a podium finish, coming in 2nd in 2017.  Captained by Mike Kontos, serial cross-fitter and lawyer too, the team is made up of Jonathan Somen (Driver), Derek Steel (navigator turned runner – should i say jogger), Jeremy Ashworth (jogger turned navigator) and Roo Hechle (definitely a jogger).  The core team of Mike, Jonathan, Derek & Jeremy have done most of the charges together and Roo joined the team a few years ago although he has done a few with other teams.

2018 saw Alex Meinzingen join the team for his first ever charge and in 2019 we may see the return of Mark Somen (closer to runner than jogger) and possibly a mystery team member! Our charge car was once the pride and joy of Mike’s father Dimitir, who donated the car for our quest for Rhino Charge glory.  with years of upgrades, we feel our car is very competitive, which means the problem has to be the team members! 

Team Members