Car 34 – Moto Moto

Team Moto Moto will be doing the 2020 Rhino Charge in a Range Rover Classic 4 Door. The team is aiming to complete the course and be in the Top 10.

Marsabit the 2017 Rhino Charge is their most memorable event the “2 in 1 Charge”. They completed approx. 3.5kms in 9.5 hours having tackled the Mother of all ravines! They broke their Rear Diff, Front and Rear Winches and were stuck on a 45 degree slope, the car took an additional 6 hrs and 3 other vehicles to recover the next day! 3 crew members suffered heat stroke, 1 almost lost a leg to a falling boulder and the resident black mamba that slithered by them at 4.00pm elicited ZERO reaction from the whole crew………… it was an eventful Charge!

Team Members