Car 06 – Ole Choda

Team Ole Choda’s car is a Toyota land cruiser VX -fully modified with a Volvo undercarriage.

The teams aim after 30 years is to finish, have a great fun charge and of course raise funds to protect our ecosystems!

The most memorable Rhino Charge for Team Ole Choda had to be their 3rd one, when they had a new navigator that insisted he knew where he was going and told everyone, even if they were lost never to follow another car, ‘we will find our own route!’ Only to realise they had been going round in circles for the ENTIRE Charge and were so lost the officials had to send the chopper to find them! By this time, it was completely dark so they had to use fuel from the car to light a fire, to their luck they were spotted and saved!
the next day, they realised when they went to get the car that they were only 15 mins away from main camp! what an experience!

Team Members