Car 39 – Team 39

Team 39 is a group of ambitious, energetic, decisive, fun loving humans who have come together in the efforts to help conserve our wildlife for our children and our children’s children. Some of the members being Architects (3) have a great passion for the environment and would love to give back to the Earth in some way. 2018 was the first attempt at the Rhino Charge and we managed to complete 2 guardposts after which we got stuck in a river crossing. After a few hours of struggle we were able to come out of the situation on our own and managed to drive the car back home which was a good achievement in a way despite the earlier struggles in the day. We were awarded the Kijabe award for the best new entrant for Rhino Charge 2018. We also have 2 mechanical engineers as part of our team.

Nature and Wildlife has had a profound impact in our lives and we’re excited to share this journey in the hopes that we can also build a platform to empower other people to undertake something that is as challenging as this.

Team Members