Car 55 – Team Car Zone

With a Toyota Land cruiser 80 series taking part in their second Rhino Charge. The team aims to complete all the guard posts and just enjoy the terrain of this years event.

The 2019 Rhino Charge was their first time, the sudden down pour was something memorable, they left Hardi (11th guardpost when it was sunny) at around 1630hrs heading to Tarpo (12th guard post) they expected to be there by 1715hrs, almost a kilometer to Tarpo it was drizzling, we could see lightening striking in a distance, within no time the rain became heavier and heavier, soon the dry river beds were full of water.

They were less than 150 metres away from Tarpo but to reach there they had to cross the river twice and the currents were increasing by the minute. So they decided to park the car away from the river & walked to TARPO with their GPS device.

Team Members