Car 03 – Hatarious Chargers

“Victory lies in the honest endeavor to do your best under all circumstances”

The Rhino Charge! The highlight of each year!

25 years of passion & obsession that spawned at an early age of 11 and morphed into a strong, committed & determined team comprising of Gurmeet Mehta, Aman Sodi, Tom Otila, Aman Choda, Hanif Msallam & Arjun Patel.

In addition to the general spirit of the event, what really gets us going is – the excitement, determination and commitment with designing, improving and building our car. Training & challenging our physical strength & endurance to break all barriers. Stepping into the unknown & driving through uncharted terrain. Serving the country & community that we were born into and have tremendous respect for. Camping in unspoiled nature & meeting like-minded petrolheads that share a deep sense of camaraderie whilst having lots of fun in the process and finally our unshakable quest of standing on the podium!