Car 64 – Team 64

To raise funds for this worthy cause the team is willing to tackle boulders and impossible obstacles, cross rivers, manhandle the vehicle over ground where no vehicle should go, winch the vehicle up and down shear cliffs, hurdle down slopes where brakes have no effect. You get bruises in places you didn’t imagine possible and certainly never want again but in the end it’s all worth it.

The Rhino Charge journey for team 64 started in 2006 and has had its ups and downs. Taking on the challenge which the clerk of the cause lays down each year in a modified Bush Rover, the team have proven themselves to be very resourceful, versatile and capable of navigating the wild of Kenya. The team has a small pool of experienced chargers to draw its team from every year to form a cohesive single unit that operates well alongside their car to deliver a memorable charge experience every year, however the ultimate reward, the podium finish, is yet to come.