Car 56 – Big Foot

Get revved up for the off-road spectacle brought to you by Car Number 56 – the fearless warriors of Team Big Foot! Charging ahead in a decked-out Land Rover, they’ve been stealing the limelight in the Rhino Charge since the stellar year of 2008.

But here’s the real showstopper – their four-wheeled gem, a head-turning lime green wonder affectionately known as “Baby Lime.” Don’t let the name fool you – when it comes to conquering rugged terrain, this baby means serious off-road business!

As they gear up for another Charge, Team Big Foot is on a mission to etch their name in the off-road hall of fame. With Baby Lime leading the charge, all that’s left to do is kick into gear and face off against the wild terrain. But remember, the ultimate victor in this epic battle is none other than Kenya’s majestic mountain ranges and precious ecosystems – the heartbeat of the Rhino Charge’s noble cause!