Car 38 – Bundufundi


Embark on a time-traveling journey with Car Number 38 – the legendary Team Bundufundi! Formed over two glorious decades ago, this crew is a fusion of family ties and the bonds of true-blue friendships. The core team members, weathered and possibly a tad wiser, are still revving up the off-road scene today.

A team member around 70, another who’s been part of the car since the tender age of 9, and a trailblazing gal who proudly clinched the title of the first girl on a winning team! 🎉💪 Together, they share an unbridled passion for Kenya’s breathtaking wilderness areas and a resolute commitment to the country’s conservation goals.

Since their debut in the Rhino Charge back in 1996, Team Bundufundi has been on a relentless quest – not just to conquer the rugged terrain but to be among the top fundraisers. Talk about a challenge! What makes their journey even more extraordinary? The dynamic support crew has evolved from immediate families and friends to a growing army of children, as the team members themselves grow up.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of memories, milestones, and a dash of wild wisdom as Team Bundufundi continues to weave its off-road magic!