Car 19 – Bushbabes

Get ready to meet the seasoned warriors of the off-road realm – Car Number 19, proudly known as The Bushbabes! For over a dazzling 13 years, these passionate chargers have been tearing up the terrain with a mission close to their hearts.

What fuels their off-road fervor? It’s the unwavering love for what Rhino Ark stands for – the guardianship of Kenya’s precious fauna and flora. Picture this: thanks to Rhino Ark, the landscape along the Aberdares, Mau, and Mt Kenya regions has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation. The fence they’ve championed has become a game-changer, not just for wildlife but for the entire ecosystem and the communities it supports.

The Bushbabes aren’t just spectators; they’ve witnessed firsthand the magic Rhino Ark weaves. It’s a show of dedication, impactful initiatives, and massive positive changes that touch every corner of nature and life. With hearts as wild as their adventures, The Bushbabes proudly stand by this incredible cause, where the impact is not just seen; it’s felt in the rhythm of nature and the pulse of life.