Car 41 – Land Mawe

Get ready to roll with the off-road aficionados of Car Number 41 – the one and only Land Mawe! These thrill-seekers have been charging through the Rhino Challenge for a whopping 8 years. But, hold on to your hats, because they took a little hiatus, a breather from the adrenaline-fueled chaos. However, the call of the wild was too strong to resist, and they dove headfirst back into the off-road mayhem at the 2021 event.

Now, here’s where the buzzworthy tale unfolds – Land Mawe didn’t just face the usual challenges; they found themselves in a sticky situation, courtesy of the bees! Whether it was a honey of a surprise or a real stinger, we’re here to witness their comeback story and the adventures that unfold on the dusty trails.

Buckle up for the Land Mawe rollercoaster, where every charge is a blend of thrills, twists, and, of course in the 2024 Rhino Charge!