Car 44 – AK44

Get ready for the wild tales of Car Number 44 – the sensational AK44! Now, buckle up as we rewind to the unforgettable madness of their gauntlet run in the 2018 Rhino Charge. Picture this – a terrain that’s not just extreme but an all-out obstacle course for the bold and the brave! Sharp rocks, muddy pits, and water galore – it was a spectacle that left spectators on the edge of their seats.

But that’s not all – Car 44 doesn’t just conquer the wild; they’ve been acing the fundraising game over the years! And how do they do it? Well, with their trusty Land Rover, a beast that’s been decked out to handle the toughest conditions nature throws their way.

Hold on to your hats because here’s a twist in the tale – Adil Khawaja, the maestro behind Car 44, isn’t just an off-road whiz; he’s also a Rhino Ark Board Member! Join the AK44 adventure, where every charge is a mix of extreme antics, fundraising feats, and a dash of boardroom flair!