Car 01 – Car No 1

“Get a Bigger Hammer”

Rev up your excitement for Car Number 1 at the 2024 Rhino Charge! Picture this: a one-of-a-kind, turbocharged hybrid—part Range Rover, part Unimog, and a sprinkle of jingly truck magic! 

But here’s the twist that makes it all the more thrilling: our navigator may not read a map, the driver lacks a license, and the runners are world champion loungers! Despite these quirks (or maybe because of them), the Car Number 1 team gives it their all and savors every moment of the event. It’s not just a race; it’s an adventure fueled by enthusiasm, determination, and a dash of unconventional charm.

Join us on the ride of a lifetime, where limits are pushed, and laughter is a non-negotiable accessory. Car No. 1 is not just a contender; it’s a celebration of the wild, the wacky, and the wonderfully unique spirit of Rhino Charge!