Car 51 – Deranged Rover

Gather ’round, thrill-seekers, for the epic saga of Car Number 51 – the adventurous crew of DeRanged Rovers! Picture this: a long, long time ago, in a mysterious land (revealed just a few snoozes beforehand), two cunning lawyers and a purveyor of spirits hatched a plan. And what was that grand plan, you ask? None other than to dive headfirst into the most awe-inspiring and downright challenging off-road extravaganza known to mankind, beasts, and machines alike – the Rhino Charge! (Cue lion roar and a chorus of chest-thumping!)

Now, let’s fast forward a bit – here we are, gearing up for our 11th Rhino Charge, and oh boy, have we gathered some tales along the way! We’ve got one battle-worn Range Rover (acquired in a sneaky dance around an engagement ring fund), a set of gloriously rusty Unimog axles (rescued from the wilds of Northern Scotland), and a mishmash of rubber, metal, grease, fabric, and, of course, LOTS of Duct Tape. Oh, and let’s not forget the (un?)healthy dose of blood, sweat, and tears that went into this off-road concoction!

Sure, we’ve left a trail of broken parts and lost team members (rumor has it, a semi-naked Indian gent was last seen swinging from a “wait-a-bit” in Namunyak). But guess what? Every year, we bounce back – stronger, maybe fitter(?), and armed with a tad more equipment just waiting to be broken!

And here’s the real hero of our story – our awesome Supporters! We couldn’t have tackled this wild ride without your epic awesomeness! Get ready for another DeRanged Rovers adventure, where every Charge is a mix of mayhem, mischief, and the magic of off-road camaraderie!