Car 24 – Fat Rhinos

Get ready to roll with the heavyweight champs – introducing Car Number 24, the unstoppable Fat Rhinos! These thrill-seekers aren’t just pushing the limits; they’re pushing themselves and their beloved beast, the one and only “Fat Betty,” in the adrenaline-packed arena of the Rhino Charge.

Picture this: Fat Betty, a Toyota Land Cruiser with a personality as big as her name, charging through dunes, conquering rocks, and making a splash in watering holes. She’s not just a car; she’s a force of nature, emerging from every challenge revitalized and hungry for the next showdown.

In the realm of top-ranking finishers, Fat Betty is a heavyweight contender that can never be written off. With her tough wire mesh grills, a roll cage, front and rear winches, and a set of big bundu bashing wheels, she’s here to prove that size doesn’t matter when you’ve got endurance, perseverance, power, and determination on your side.

So, buckle up and get ready to witness Fat Betty jostle her way to the top, showing the world that being fondly called “fat” is just a testament to her undeniable charm and unstoppable spirit!