Car 35 – Hog Charge Team


Get ready to dive into the wild world of Car Number 35 – The Hog Charge crew! A burly, unmodified Land Cruiser FJ43 with side-mounted tires and a petite ladder, making a bold statement on the off-road scene. These guys aren’t just a team; they’re the living, breathing spirit of the Rhino Charge!

Behold the masterpiece – a Land Cruiser that’s not just a vehicle; it’s a work of art in off-roading wizardry. With smooth grooves and cuts on the stock Land Cruiser body, this beast is more than meets the eye. The team, with their off-road passion ablaze, kicked it up a notch with a winch, bulbar, wire mesh, and a set of seriously proficient off-road tires.

But hold on to your hats, because The Hog Charge Team is not just about conquering the off-road jungle. They’re the brilliant minds behind the incredible Hog Charge cycling event that takes center stage annually. It’s a double dose of adrenaline – one on four wheels and the other on two pedals!

Buckle up, folks! The Hog Charge team is here to show that when it comes to off-road excitement and cycling thrills, they’re the true masters of the game.