Car 15 – Kifaru Kwanza

Get ready to meet the trailblazers of Car Number 15 – Kifaru Kwanza or Rhino’s First! They’re hitting the Rhino Charge battleground in a Range Rover Short Wheel Base, ready to make their mark.

Now, let’s dive into a tale from the dusty roads of Marsabit in 2017. Picture this: Kifaru Kwanza scoops up the “Garmin” or “WTFAY” Award, and here’s why. After a seemingly endless run around the venue’s perimeter, they found themselves in patches of dust, practically blindfolded by the off-road chaos. To top it off, they unintentionally skipped ahead to their second gauntlet checkpoint, hours and kilometers after checking in at the first one!

But hold onto your hats because the adventure doesn’t stop there. Despite the unexpected detour, they were given the green light to conquer the gauntlet. With engines roaring, they raced up the hill to KWS, leaving Car 57 in the dust as they winched their way up. Just when they thought the action was over, Kifaru Kwanza doubled back to tow Car 57 up the hill, showing that the Rhino Charge spirit is all about camaraderie, surprises, and a dash of friendly competition!