Car 21 – King 21

Get ready to join the high-octane journey with Car Number 21 – King 21! These thrill-seekers embarked on their first Rhino Charge adventure back in 2003, and let’s just say, it’s been a wild ride since.

Meet the dynamic crew led by the one and only Mike Kontos – a serial cross-fitter and a legal maestro. The team lineup features Jonathan Somen, the master behind the wheel; Derek Steel, the navigator turned runner (or should we say jogger); and Jeremy Ashworth, the jogger turned navigator. This dynamic quartet, comprised of Mike, Jonathan, Derek, and Jeremy, has been conquering the charges together, forming the beating heart of King 21.

Their golden nugget of advice? “Prepare the car well! Car problems before you start (speaking from experience) make it much harder, and it’s already a very difficult event!” Stay tuned for more high-speed tales from King 21 – where every charge is an adventure fit for kings!