Car 52 – Rhin’O’Serious

Get ready for a rollicking ride with Car Number 52 – the unstoppable crew of Rhin’O’serious! They’re revving up their trusty Range Rover Classic for the 2024 Rhino Charge, armed with a simple yet epic goal – to have an absolute blast and conquer every single checkpoint! 

Now, let’s rewind to the early days of their off-road escapades – in 2013, at their inaugural Charge, they pulled off the unthinkable. Armed with an almost untouched old Range Rover, they wove through guard posts, even overcoming a three-hour stint stuck in a lugga! Talk about unexpected triumphs.

Fast forward to 2014 – here’s where the fun takes a wild turn. With 4WD bidding them farewell after a mere 800 meters, they decided to embrace the chaos. What started as a joke turned into a reverse-driving spectacle between checkpoints, tallying up a surprising 8 checkpoints – mostly in reverse! 

Join the Rhin’O’serious joyride, where every Charge is a blend of thrill, laughter, and the unexpected!