Car 40 – Roving Rogues

Hold on tight for the heart-pounding tale of Car Number 40 – the daring Roving Rogues! The year was 2016, and the memory etched in the team’s adventures is nothing short of legendary. It was the Rhino Charge that followed the tragic loss of Big Red (Dip Francombe), and the team decided to dedicate this ride to the fearless Dip.

Setting off with a spirit as fiery as their wheels, they tackled a route that can only be described as aggressively audacious – a two-hour battle against a near-vertical hillside. Swearing, sweat, blood, and guts, all in the name of conquering the challenge. As they finally reached the plateau atop the hill, they faced a jaw-dropping realization – there was no way down!

Cue the heavenly inspiration from Big Red himself, a Rhino Charge veteran with 20 adventures under his belt. With his unseen guidance, they descended an impossible route, teetering on the edge of an end-over-end roll, but miraculously landing safely at the base. Phew… talk about a ride on the wild side and a heavenly assist from a Rhino Charge legend!

This, my friends, is the stuff of Rhino Charge folklore – where challenges become triumphs, and the spirit of Big Red lives on in the Roving Rogues’ daring escapades!