Car 42 – Team 42

Get ready to rev up the excitement for the seasoned pros of Car Number 42 – Team 42! These off-road legends have taken on the Rhino Charge an incredible 27 times – talk about a ride through the annals of history!

Now, here’s the burning question: Will they be adding another trophy to their collection at the 2024 event? Picture this – dust flying, engines roaring, and Team 42 charging through the rugged terrain, aiming for new heights.

But here’s where you come in – be part of the action, join the cheer squad, and support their fundraising endeavors. Who knows, with your help, they might just shatter records and hit the jaw-dropping milestone of raising 30 million for conservation! Get ready to be part of Team 42’s journey, where every charge is a chapter in their off-road legacy!