Car 64 – Team 64

Get ready for the wild ride of a lifetime with Team 64 – the fearless bunch ready to conquer anything, all in the name of Rhino Charge mayhem! To drum up support for this noble cause, they’re not just taking the scenic route; they’re tackling boulders, conquering impossible obstacles, and manhandling their trusty Bush Rover over terrains that defy vehicular logic!

Crossing rivers, winching up and down sheer cliffs, and hurtling down slopes where brakes are mere suggestions. Sure, you’ll collect bruises in unexpected places, but hey, it’s all part of the adventure – and totally worth it!

Team 64 kicked off their Rhino Charge journey in 2006, navigating the ups and downs with grit and gusto. Armed with a modified Bush Rover, they’ve proven themselves to be the MacGyvers of the off-road world – resourceful, versatile, and capable of taming the wilds of Kenya. With a pool of experienced chargers forming a tight-knit unit, they deliver a charge experience that’s etched in memory every year. The podium finish might be elusive for now, but with Team 64, the thrill is always on the horizon!