Car 14 – Team Chomz

Cruising in a Range Rover Classic, these folks are aiming not just for the finish line but for a dazzling top-10 spot, or maybe even better!

Now, let’s rewind to a memory that’s as unforgettable as the Charge itself. Picture this: three years ago, the Chomz crew rolled into the starting guard post. Little did they know, fate had a surprise waiting. Priten’s eyes met the gaze of his future wife, part of the checkpoint crew. At that moment, with determination in his voice, Priten declared, “We are completing today and coming back to Slater!”

Despite the twists, turns, and memorable mishaps at the checkpoint, they not only finished but also made it back to Slater. And guess what? Priten is now happily married, all thanks to that unforgettable Rhino Charge adventure! Get ready for more tales of triumph, love, and off-road escapades with Team Chomz!