Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge 2024 - 1st June 2024

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Do I need to print my vouchers/confirmation emails out and bring to venue check-in?

In the aim to reduce the use of paper, we would like to discourage you from printing out your vouchers, but rather suggest that you save it to your phone before leaving for the venue. Note we can’t 100% guarantee mobile phone signal at check-in so it is important that you download it and save it to your phone before you leave an area with phone signal.

Are the number of Rhino Charge tickets limited?

Yes, this is designed to limit the further growth of the event – not just in regard to spectators, but across the board – to allow for better administration and principally to ensure that the event remains environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable.

Please note that the limited tickets are reserved for SPECTATORS only.

Does the Rhino Charge competition car need a LAF?

The Rhino Charge competition car does not need an LAF (Vehicle Pass) to access the venue. If the competition car is being carried on the back of a lorry/truck the lorry/truck will still require an LAF to access the venue.

What is the Rhino Charge Ticketing Portal?

The Rhino Charge Ticketing Portal is the official, and only, website through which spectators who want to come to the Rhino Charge must book and pay for:

  1. An Entry Ticket (one ticket per adult)
  2. Vehicle Pass known as a Landowner Access Fee (LAF)
  3. Accommodation from accredited camp operators


  • Tickets are sold on a first come – first served basis 
  • A maximum of 750 persons will be admitted into the spectator camp
  • No sale of tickets at the venue (only online)
  • Once purchased tickets are not transferable or refundable
  • Accommodation bookings for the spectator camp can only be made through the Rhino Charge ticketing portal. If you buy accommodation from any other place / third party you do so at your own risk and will be denied entry. Be cautious of scammers. 

Please note that there are strictly no exceptions and until you have paid for your entry ticket, your Vehicle pass (LAF), and accommodation you do not have entry to the Rhino Charge.

Do I need a ticket to go to the Rhino Charge? Why?

Anyone who wants to come to the Rhino Charge has to purchase a ticket. This has become necessary due to the growing popularity of the event which has put the host communities and their land under increasing environmental pressure. By introducing a ticketing system, the organisers aim to make the Spectator Camp more attractive to responsible spectators by improving the spectators’ experience as well as improving the administration of the event.

How much is a ticket for the Rhino Charge?

Tickets for the Rhino Charge are available at the following rates:

0 – 5 years = free entry
6 – 11 years = KES 2,000
12 years and above = KES 4,000

Please note that tickets are not transferable or refundable.