Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge 2024 - 1st June 2024

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Do I need to print my vouchers/confirmation emails out and bring to venue check-in?

In the aim to reduce the use of paper, we would like to discourage you from printing out your vouchers, but rather suggest that you save it to your phone before leaving for the venue. Note we can’t 100% guarantee mobile phone signal at check-in so it is important that you download it and save it to your phone before you leave an area with phone signal.

Are the number of Rhino Charge tickets limited?

Yes, this is designed to limit the further growth of the event – not just in regard to spectators, but across the board – to allow for better administration and principally to ensure that the event remains environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable.

Please note that the limited tickets are reserved for SPECTATORS only.

What other benefits are there for the community where the event takes place?

The Rhino Charge is a nationally recognised event and receives wide local and international press coverage and exposure, this helps with exposure and awareness for the area and helps to promote tourism and recreational activities. In addition, we promote the sale of traditional beadwork and local crafts and encourage the women’s groups to sell their products at the entry gate. Furthermore, the visitors do purchase sheep and goats from the local community for nyama choma.