Car 44 – AK44

Car 44 is fondly and very vividly remembered for their mad dash through the gauntlet in the 2018 Rhino charge. The terrain within the gauntlet was quite literally nothing short of an extreme obstacle course, fit for extreme drivers and cars. With sharp jutting rocks, mud, and water it certainly gave the spectators a spectacular show.

Nonetheless, car number 44 engaged high gear and bundled their way through, with the car bouncing all over the rocks, splashing water and sliding about, creating a spectacle for the onlookers. All this was not in vain as they managed to win the 2018 Gauntlet.

Car 44 has also done an amazing job over the years with their fundraising efforts with over 43 Million raised for the Rhino Charge event.

They are a force to be reckoned with in this years’ charge too. Competing in their trusty Land Rover, a machine that has been modified to withstand and endure the toughest of conditions. It will be put to the test again in the 2019 charge

Adil Khawaja is also a Rhino Ark Board Member!

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