Rhino Charge


3rd June 2022

The Rhino Charge is an annual off-road 4×4 competition held in Kenya  that raises funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust, an NGO which works towards the conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”.

The next Rhino Charge event will be taking place on 3rd June 2022, somewhere in Kenya (the exact location will not be announced until a few weeks prior to the event – this is all part of the magic of the Charge!).

Entries for the 2022 event will open on 13th September 2021. For more information on the entry process and timelines please contact us.

Rhino Ark's fences have led to a 97% reduction of human-wildlife conflict incidences*.

*The Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project’s “Social Economic and Ecological Impact Study” of Wildlife Barriers In The Mt Kenya Ecosystem, Thuchi -Thingithu Rivers in Tharaka Nithi & Meru Counties

Why We Charge

Rhino Ark - Why We ChargeThe annual Rhino Charge has raised over KSh 1.6 billion for the vital projects managed by Rhino Ark who seek to create a win-win equilibrium that balances the needs of local communities with the goal of protecting nature.

The cancellation of this year’s event is a huge loss, but the work of Rhino Ark continues, and is in fact more important now than ever.

To date Rhino Ark has built 650 km of electric fences and through the fencing programmes, over 80,000 families are being protected from the dangers of human-wildlife conflicts.

Rhino Ark’s electric fences protect critical mountain forests that are the ‘water towers’ of Kenya.  These mountain forests are vital ecosystems that support the country’s economic development and the well-being of most Kenyans. Together the Aberdares, Mt. Kenya and the Mau Forest – the three mountain ecosystems where Rhino Ark operates – provide yearly ecological services to Kenya worth a staggering amount of KES 412 billion ($4.12 billion).

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