Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge 2025 - 31st May 2025

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Raffle Sub Committee

The Rhino Charge Raffle was introduced in 2002 as a tool to assist Rhino Charge entrants with fund-raising and to thank competitor sponsors for their support. The Raffle offers every donation of KES 2,000 a chance to win a prize, which is a key motivation for the public to support competing cars. The Raffle is organized by a Raffle Sub-Committee that voluntarily works towards securing generous prizes from over 100 donors.

Course Design Sub Committee

Members of this committee are tasked with the identification of a suitable venue in a new location each year in some of the most remote and wild areas of Kenya. The preparation of the Rhino Charge does not only require the search for a suitable venue, it also entails the negotiations with the local communities and the actual event planning. Each competition venue is designed with full participation of the host community representatives and is sensitive to local considerations. This process takes many months in which the Rhino Charge Committee volunteers their time and commitment to go on Rhino Charge recces in their free time to organize the next event.

Spectator Sub Committee

As the name already says, this committee deals with all aspects around spectators. This includes the evaluation and choice of accredited camp operators, allocation of sufficient camping space for accredited camp operators, ensuring that camp areas are left spotless clean after the Charge, and finding a balance between entertainment and social as well as environmental responsibility.

Results & Tracking

This committee is in charge of the live GPS tracking of competing cars during the event. The accurate tracking system “Bluetraxx”, kindly provided by Rivercross Tracking Ltd., does not only ensure that distances covered by competing cars are measured by the meter, but also enables the organizers to know the exact position of a car at any given time – which is crucial in case of an emergency.

Main Committee

The main committee is in the main management committee of the Rhino Charge. In the past years, Sub-Committees were created to share the workload, but also to spread the expertise of various volunteers to ensure the Rhino Charge can run as smooth as possible ed-nederland.com.

Organising Team

The Rhino Charge is organised by a main committee and supported by various sub-committees, composed of Rhino Ark staff as well as many volunteers who bring a variety of expertise to the event. Each member of these dedicated teams offers his or her time, expertise and resources to ensure that the event is run successfully and to the highest standards. Additionally, there are many more volunteer helpers who are not part of a committee, but whose support contributes equally to the Rhino Charge and Rhino Ark.