Fundraising Tips

Supporting Documents

We’ve been working on some useful documents and media assets for Teams to use when pitching for support and sponsorship. Please make use of the below and if you need anything specific to get a sponsor across the line then get in touch at and we will, of course, assist if we can.

If you’d like high-resolution copies of the Rhino Charge and Rhino Ark logos please email and we will share them with you. Note these must be used in line with the Rhino Charge Branding Guidelines here.

Fundraising Tips


Many teams already use online fundraising pages to target friends and family as they are a very successful way to reach people. It’s also very easy to set up a Team page and share it far and wide.

Some examples of good online fundraising sites to use are:

    • Rhino Ark UK has a Just Giving account so you can easily set up a Team page here and drive people to donate through this channel. Just Giving also gives some very good tips on fundraising through this channel which can be found here
    • Rhino Ark US uses First Giving:

NOTE: both of these platforms accept payments in multiple currencies.

To help you build out the information on your fundraising page about the Rhino Charge and #WhyWeCharge see


The use of social media channels offers a great opportunity to maximise fundraising potential. So, if you’re not already using it set up a team account on social media ASAP. Make sure you’re following Rhino Ark and Rhino Charge on all the different channels and get posting. If you tag Rhino Charge in your posts, we will do our utmost to reshare your posts to help maximise your exposure further.

Follow us and join the online conversation, share photos, videos and much more.


The focus for the 2022 Rhino Charge is all about #WhyWeCharge so please share with us your personal stories as to why you charge. The Rhino Charge Comms team will be in touch via email with a few questions so please answers these as promptly as you can to enable us to share your stories with the wider Rhino Charge community. If you’re after some inspiration here is our first #WhyWeCharge story from our Clerk of the Course, Don White.


Raffles & Online Auctions – these have been successful for many years, and many teams are already running their own raffle. 

Outside Events – in full adherence of Covid-19 protocols and social distancing measures outdoor events are always popular. Some ideas include mountain bike rides, motorbike Enduro events, Farmers Markets, movie nights, flower farm guides….

For any more help or information please contact us on