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Rhino Charge 2025 - 31st May 2025

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2015 Rhino Charge Fundraising

The 2015 ‪‎Rhino Charge‬ raised around 4.2 million for the host community and broke its previous record by raising 108 million for Rhino Ark Charitable Trust projects.


  • Fundraising awards
    • Rhino Charge – Car 5 won the top fundraiser award with 7,595,979 KES raised
    • Rhino Charge – Car 23 Mpesa Team won the second highest fundraiser award with 5,620,000 KES raised
    • Rhino Charge – Car 35 The Hog Charge won the third highest fundraiser award with 4,546,925 KES raised
  • Peter Castle with Rhino Charge – Car 39 receives the international team award
  • Daniel mcMillan who is 19 gets awarded with Kamran Fazal Memorial Trophy for youngest Rhino Charger he was with Car 12
  • Car 32 wins Rhino Charge “properly shafted award” after their car burnt out fully
  • Rhino Charge Car 26 wins ‘Spirit of the Charge’ award – incredible story will follow soon, but they competed in a regular unmodified Land Rover

Full results for the Rhino Charge need further consolidation and will be released as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved this year. Every competitor, spectator, official & supporter has helped to raise this money for conservation.

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