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Rhino Charge 2024 - 1st June 2024

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Rhino Charge 2020 Cancelled

Dear Chargers, Sponsors, Officials, Partners and Friends of Rhino Ark,

As you are aware over the past few months the Rhino Charge Committee and the organising team, in consultation with the Rhino Ark Board of Directors, have been working hard to see if, and how, the October Rhino Charge can take place. We have been preparing two venues for two very different and exciting Charges and put together various options to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions. The health and safety of the Rhino Charge supporters has always and will always be a critical aspect of this event. However, the impacts of the pandemic continue to grow locally and globally and we feel that a cautious approach is required in order to minimise risk.

As such, it is with great regret that the Rhino Charge Committee and the Rhino Ark Board of Directors have to announce that the 2020 Rhino Charge will not be going ahead and that the next Rhino Charge will now be held on Sunday, 30th May 2021.

The Rhino Charge is a unique event that brings many people together, from around the world and within Kenya, to join in a common cause to raise funds for Rhino Ark and the protection of Kenya’s vital water towers. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and encouragement from our Rhino Charge supporters in trying to make this event happen, and give thanks and appreciation to those that have already submitted funds to Rhino Ark – these contributions are vital to ensuring the continuation of the valuable projects Rhino Ark carries out.

Rhino Ark has to date built 650 km of electric fences, protecting 80,000 families from the dangers of human-wildlife conflicts. These fences also protect critical mountain forests that are the water towers of Kenya. They are the source of major rivers that provide the much-needed water to Nairobi, one of the key contributors to Kenya’s GDP. These rivers support the livelihoods of millions of households in rural areas.  They are also the lifeline of key conservation and tourism areas downstream.  Keeping our fences well maintained and fully operational is critical to secure the conservation gains made over the past 31 years. 

We are currently working on how the 2021 event will operate with regards to entries, pledges and funds raised to date and once finalised we will share the 2021 Rules & Regulations with the Chargers directly and on our website. Over the coming weeks we will also be in touch with all our sponsors and partners directly to discuss opportunities for 2021.

Thank you to all chargers, supporters and volunteers for your ongoing support. Together, we have established one of the most impactful conservation projects in Kenya. Let’s continue working together to ensure that our conservation achievements remain our legacy for this country and its people.

We are already excited about the 2021 Rhino Charge and look forward to you joining us there.

Kindest Regards,

Isaac Awuondo
Rhino Ark Board of Directors

Don White
Rhino Charge Committee

Christian Lambrechts

Executive Director
Rhino Ark

Celebrating The Charge – Rhino Charge Car 5 Event

A Gala Dinner and Fundraising Ball to celebrate Car 5 Charging for Conservation

Saturday 21st March 2020 at the Lord Eroll Restaurant

6 pm – Late

Tickets – 9500Ksh per person (Tables of 10 available)

Tickets Include a delicious 3-course dinner, luxury raffle, live auction, music and dancing

Dress code: Black tie with a touch of Yellow

For Tickets Please Contact

Tel: +254 724 846 716
Email: rhinochargeteam5@gmail.com

Prize-giving for distance-related awards, auction of the Chairman’s Discretion Entry, preview of the Spirit of the Charge 2015

The Prize-giving ceremony for distance-related awards will take place at the Purdy Arms (61, Marula Lane, Karen) on 4th July 2015 with free entry and a cash bar for refreshments.

The programme is as follows:

  • 5:00pm – Prize-giving for distance related awards;
  • 5:45pm – Auction of the RC 2016 Chairman’s Discretion Entry;
  • 7:00pm – Preview of the film, “Spirit of the Charge 2015”.

The Auction of the Chairman’s Discretion Entry will be a unique opportunity to get an entry to the Rhino Charge 2016 for those who missed out on their entry on 1st July 2015 when all available entries were taken by 7:15am.

The rules of the Auction are as follows:

  • Minimum reserve & starting pledge is KES 1million;
  • Pledge increases on the reserve are in increments of KES 50,000;
  • No participation in the Auction by telephone will be allowed;
  • Winning pledge will have to (i) complete the 2016 entry form and the pledge form to suit pledge amount, (ii) pay the KES 2,000 entry fee, and (iii) pay the KES 38,000 advance sponsorship;
  • All other Rhino Charge rules apply.

Rhino Charge 2015 Results Released

Finally the Rhino Charge 2015 distance-related results are out. As announced at Prize giving on 1st June 2015, further reconciliation and analysis of the GPS data was required this year to provide the distance-related results. The processing of the GPS data has now been successfully concluded and the results are ready.

The event was won by Mark Glen (Team 48) in Car 48 with a distance of 32.051 km. Second was Sean Avery (Team Bundufundi) in Car 38 with a distance of 32.289 km. The third position went to Manee Choda (Team Ole Choda) in Car 06 with a distance of 32.423 km.

The Rhino Charge 2015 raised KES 108,617,802, in keeping with the above KES 100 million mark broken for the second time in the 27-year history of the Rhino Charge. This beats last year’s figure of KES 102 and the previous year’s figure of KES 90 million.

The top three fundraisers for this year were Car 5 – Alan McKittrick (KES 7,595,979), Car 23 – Peter Kinyua (KES 5,620,000), and Car 35 – Mark Tilbury (KES 4,546,925). Funds raised by each team is provided here.

Winner of the most prestigious Victor Ludorum – highest fundraiser and best placed by formula – was won by Alan McKittrick in Car 5. Alan McKittrick’s team remains the highest fundraiser for 13 years in a row. Last year, Car 5 raised KES 7,236,768 slightly below this year’s figure. Since Car 5 entered the Charge in 1989, the team has raised a staggering amount of KES 116,073,282.

The exciting Rhino Charge event lived up to expectation for the entrants who were flagged off at 7:30 am from the spread of guard posts scattered through the rugged rock strewn hills and gulleys of Kalepo (Namunyak Conservancy).

In a tough contest at the Gauntlet, James Boorman (Team 53) in Car 53 took the first position with a distance of 2.90 km. Second position was a tie between Gray Cullen (The Smiling Shenzies) in Car 22 and Jaspal Matharu (Fat Rhinos) in Car 24 both with a distance of 2.92 km.

The modified vehicles category was won by by Mark Glen in Car 48. Peter Castle (Team The Dik-Diks) in Car 39 won the unmodified category coming 15th overall with a distance of 38.543 km.

Best placed overseas entrant was Peter Castle in Car 39 placed 15th overall in the event. Petra Somen (Team Bushbabes) in Car 19 was awarded the Coupe Des Dames award.

The Tiger Line (Vineyard – Hardi) was won by Brandon Barbour (Team Car 57) in Car 57 covering a distance of 1.119 km. Tiger Line (Brookhouse – Greensteds) was won by Tony Hughes (Team Hoozie) in Car 33 covering a distance of 5.629 km.


2015 Rhino Charge Fundraising

The 2015 ‪‎Rhino Charge‬ raised around 4.2 million for the host community and broke its previous record by raising 108 million for Rhino Ark Charitable Trust projects.


  • Fundraising awards
    • Rhino Charge – Car 5 won the top fundraiser award with 7,595,979 KES raised
    • Rhino Charge – Car 23 Mpesa Team won the second highest fundraiser award with 5,620,000 KES raised
    • Rhino Charge – Car 35 The Hog Charge won the third highest fundraiser award with 4,546,925 KES raised
  • Peter Castle with Rhino Charge – Car 39 receives the international team award
  • Daniel mcMillan who is 19 gets awarded with Kamran Fazal Memorial Trophy for youngest Rhino Charger he was with Car 12
  • Car 32 wins Rhino Charge “properly shafted award” after their car burnt out fully
  • Rhino Charge Car 26 wins ‘Spirit of the Charge’ award – incredible story will follow soon, but they competed in a regular unmodified Land Rover

Full results for the Rhino Charge need further consolidation and will be released as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved this year. Every competitor, spectator, official & supporter has helped to raise this money for conservation.