Rhino Charge

Rhino Charge 2024 - 1st June 2024

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I heard that I have to buy tickets to come to the Rhino Charge. Is it true?

Yes,from 2015 onwards, anyone who wants to come to the Rhino Charge has to purchase a ticket. This has become necessary due to the growing popularity of the event which has put the host communities and their land under increasing environmental pressure. By introducing a ticketing system, the organisers aim to make the Spectator Camp more attractive to responsible spectators by improving the spectators’ experience as well as improve the administration of the event.

If you want to come to the Rhino Charge as a spectator, you must buy:

  •  An Entry Ticket (one ticket per adult)
  • Vehicle Pass known as a Landowner Access Fee (LAF)
  • Accommodation from accredited camp operators (including self-camping options)

A link to the ticketing portal will become available once tickets have gone on sale.

More information for spectators can be found in the spectator section of this website.

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